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TMJ Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding, medically termed as bruxism, is an increasingly common problem in modern society, particularly within those suffering from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues; it is a common symptom of the disorder. The causes of TMJ-related teeth grinding can be numerous, with the most frequent sources being stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, this often benign yet annoying habit can have serious consequences when left unchecked. Teeth grinding can cause tooth abrasion and eventual destruction with long-term use; it may also result in facial pain, headaches and even sleep disorders.

The TMJ Sleep & Therapy Centre of Temecula and Hemet is the leading provider of TMJ-related teeth grinding services. Our skilled professionals offer painless and non-invasive treatments to treat symptoms such as jaw pain, headaches, noise during eating, ringing in the ear, neck tension and facial pain. With this expert team, you can rest assured that your teeth grinding needs will be well taken care of. We are equipped with state-of-the-art technology which allows for accurate diagnosis of the condition. Along with personalized treatment plans which are tailored to suit your individual needs and lifestyle, we also provide lifestyle advice to help reduce the frequency and severity of your symptoms over time. Our focus on prevention ensures long lasting results from treatment. With the TMJ Sleep & Therapy Centre of Temecula and Hemet, you can be sure that you’re getting top quality services for your teeth grinding issues!

Wake Up Ready For Your Day

Many people don’t realize the connection between the health of your jaw and the quality of your sleep. Did you know that TMJ can also lead to problems with teeth grinding while you sleep? When left untreated, TMJ can interfere with proper rest, resulting in fatigue and pain, as well as decreased productivity during the day. Our experienced team offers personalized treatment plans to address TMJ and help improve your sleep patterns. Wake up ready for your day with help from TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of Temecula and Hemet.

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If you are suffering from teeth grinding due to TMJ disorder, the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of Temecula and Hemet is the perfect choice for finding a solution. Our team of dentists and specialists offers personalized treatment plans, utilizing cutting edge technology. We also provide non-surgical options, including custom nightguard fittings to address grinding and clenching.

Are You Experiencing Any of the Following?


Neck, Face, and Shoulder Pain


Disrupted Sleep


Jaw Pain


Morning Headaches


Word Down or Broken Teeth

Any of the above could be a sign of TMJ-related teeth grinding and should be treated promptly.

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