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Nestled in the beautiful Inland Empire, Menifee is an up-and-coming city enjoying rapid growth. Located close to Lake Elsinore and Diamond Valley Lakes as well lush reserves, this burgeoning area offers a Mediterranean climate all year round. Founded by Luther Menifee Wilson over 150 years ago and incorporated into its own independent city just 12 years ago, visitors now have convenient access to sleep therapy services provided by TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre of Temecula and Hemet – ideal for treating any issues related to sleep or temporomandibular joint pain that may arise!

At the TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre of Temecula and Hemet, you will receive the highest quality of care from their team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping those in Menifee with chronic pain and sleep issues related to TMJ. They understand that no two cases are alike and strive to provide personalized treatment plans tailored to your unique needs. Their comprehensive approach includes a broad range of therapies from physical therapy techniques, nutrition/diet counseling, bio-psycho social approaches, oral appliances, as well as relaxation methods with lifestyle modifications for complete relief from painful joints and disrupted sleeping patterns. If you’re ready to take control of your chronic pain and have restful nights again, then choose the TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre of Temecula and Hemet today.


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Many people don’t realize the connection between the health of your jaw and the quality of your sleep. Did you know that TMJ can also lead to problems with sleep? When left untreated, TMJ can interfere with proper rest, resulting in fatigue and decreased productivity during the day. Our experienced team offers personalized treatment plans to address TMJ in Menifee, CA and help improve your sleep patterns. Wake up ready for your day with help from TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of Temecula and Hemet.

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If you are suffering from TMJ disorder in Menifee, CA which is affecting your sleep, the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of Temecula and Hemet is the perfect choice for finding relief. Our experienced team of dentists and specialists offers personalized treatment plans, utilizing cutting edge technology. We also provide non-surgical options, including custom nightguard fittings to address grinding and clenching.

Are You Experiencing Any of the Following in Menifee, CA?




Jaw Clenching


Grinding Teeth


Morning Headaches



Any of the above could be a sign of sleep-related breathing disorders and should be evaluated promptly.

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